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My first Stitch Fix Box!

My first stitch fix box arrived Thursday – a day early! – and I couldn’t have been more excited!

The package comes with a fashion card and I decided to look at that first. I really like the outfits that were put together on the card. (+1 to Excitement level)  The card also has a note from the stylist:

After detailing the pieces that I would find in my box, Maggie wrote, “be sure to check your Pinterest link; it appears to be broken…” I wasn’t happy to read that because I spent hours pinning outfits that I liked with my own comments, as other Stitch Fix users had recommended. (-1 to Excitement, +1 to Apprehension)

I pulled out my package, and unrolled the bundle:

At first glance, the color scheme seemed perfect for me and I was happy to see a pair of jeans in the mix.

I decided to start with the jeans since they were most likely to disappoint. And they did. I couldn’t get them up past my hips. This was not a big surprise and I can’t really blame Stitch Fix or my stylist since my size was not actually listed in the choices for pants. Happily, I have learned that Stitch Fix will be offering plus size clothing next month and I’m hoping to get a pair of jeans that fit in my next box.

Even if they had fit I wouldn’t have kept these. I’m not into the “worn” look. I guess I’m showing my age here, but I can wear them out myself.

Next was this black top. I liked the studded design. It was simple, fun, and different from anything I already own. I also liked the sleeves which, although you can’t tell from this photo, were cut at an angle and shorter in the back than the front. Unfortunately, it was just a little bit too tight, a little bit too short for my taste, and the sleeve sat directly in my elbow which was annoying. Two inches longer or shorter would’ve solved that problem.

This teal, dolman top in a jersey was super comfortable. Unfortunately, it was also very clingy and emphasized everything I normally try to hide.

I was happy to get a necklace in my box because I rarely shop for accessories.

This Terry Blazer was also very comfortable. Unfortunately it, too, was at least one size too small. It had a breast pocket (which I don’t care for), the sleeves were a bit long and the jacket a bit short for my taste. It also had shoulder pads – ugh. Still, it was so comfortable that I would’ve overlooked all of that if it had simply fit me.

For the above picture, I  wore the necklace doubled. I really wanted to like the necklace. There was so much about it I did like.  But I kept wanting it to stay symmetrical and it wouldn’t. I wore it around the house for a while and couldn’t stop fussing with it. RETURNED

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. I know that sounds weird since I didn’t keep anything but, if everything had fit me, I would’ve kept the entire box. And, if I’d found these items at a consignment shop for under $10 each, I’d have bought them – even if they didn’t fit well. That’s how I ended up with a closet full of so-so clothes. The high-end prices will keep me honest and hopefully I’ll buy good, well-fitting clothes. I scheduled another box for next month and fixed my Pinterest link. I’d like to get on an every-3-months schedule so I can add new items to my wardrobe each season without having to run around the stores, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my next box. I’ll give an update when I get it.

*Note – my hair looks awful in all of these pictures but you have to return within 3 business days and I didn’t have time to fuss before packing everything back up.



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The Stitch Fix Experience

The Stitch Fix Experience


In many ways it runs along the gender gap: Men hate it, women love it. Well, most women. I hate shopping. With a passion. (Except for small gift shops and yarn shops but that is more like visiting a friend’s house than shopping, for me.) My husband does the grocery shopping – that’s how much I hate it. And I love food! But shopping for it makes me crazy.

Did I mention I love food? Love it. And it shows. It’s a constant battle to eat what I love without ballooning into a full grown whale. Which makes clothes shopping the worst. Shopping (yuck) for things that make me confront the results of last night’s chocolate binge (double yuck). Nope. Not if I can help it. But I like to leave the house once in a while, and I have a job, so clothing – beyond sweatpants & t-shirts – is a necessity.

We’ve tried some other online subscription services with various levels of success.

Naturebox: Monthly snack box. This is currently the only active subscription we have. I like getting healthy snacks without going into a store. Simple.

BlueApron: Tried it. Loved it. Great food, easy instructions. Cancelled it because…well, I like cooking almost as much as I like shopping. Even just cooking 3 nights a week was depressing me because there was so much prep work. I know there are many people who do this on a regular basis, but… it wasn’t working for me. Give me a tuna sandwich and a bowl of soup or, better yet, a night at a restaurant. And Subway counts as a restaurant in my book.

BarkBox: Our Bugg, Boo, got a bark box from our son years ago and the blue rubber bone is still her favorite toy. She’s still chewing on it 3 years later.  But she really doesn’t need a monthly subscription. I order a box for her about once/yr.

YarnBox: By FAR my favorite subscription EVER but I cancelled it because I now have more yarn in the house than I can knit in the next 5 years. When I reduce my stash I may be tempted to start again.

Subscriptions are fun because just about the time you forget about them, they come in the mail! It’s like Christmas! I honestly don’t remember where I saw/heard about Stitch Fix but one night sitting at my computer I decided to look them up. It sounds like heaven. Fill out a survey, post pictures of clothing you like, get a box in the mail! This means trying on the clothing at home in the privacy of my own bedroom. And I can see how things match the clothing I already have! Send back anything you don’t like. Shipping is free both ways and the $20 “styling fee” is waived if you purchase anything. (Well, it “goes toward” your purchase price, which is the same thing.)

So I signed up for it. I’ve spent at least 2 hours updating my Pinterest page with clothing I like — adding very specific notes. I’ve read about other people’s experiences with Stitch Fix and saw that if you keep everything in the box, you get a discount, so I’m hoping to give my stylist as much info as possible to make that happen. (You also get a discount if someone refers you, so if you plan to try it out, my referral link is at the bottom of the page – thanks!) I’m only signed up for a box every 3 months, hoping that the new pieces will get me through the season changes. Fingers Crossed.

My first box is supposed to arrive next week. I will post the whole experience here: the good, the bad and the hopefully-not-too-ugly.