The Stitch Fix Experience

The Stitch Fix Experience


In many ways it runs along the gender gap: Men hate it, women love it. Well, most women. I hate shopping. With a passion. (Except for small gift shops and yarn shops but that is more like visiting a friend’s house than shopping, for me.) My husband does the grocery shopping – that’s how much I hate it. And I love food! But shopping for it makes me crazy.

Did I mention I love food? Love it. And it shows. It’s a constant battle to eat what I love without ballooning into a full grown whale. Which makes clothes shopping the worst. Shopping (yuck) for things that make me confront the results of last night’s chocolate binge (double yuck). Nope. Not if I can help it. But I like to leave the house once in a while, and I have a job, so clothing – beyond sweatpants & t-shirts – is a necessity.

We’ve tried some other online subscription services with various levels of success.

Naturebox: Monthly snack box. This is currently the only active subscription we have. I like getting healthy snacks without going into a store. Simple.

BlueApron: Tried it. Loved it. Great food, easy instructions. Cancelled it because…well, I like cooking almost as much as I like shopping. Even just cooking 3 nights a week was depressing me because there was so much prep work. I know there are many people who do this on a regular basis, but… it wasn’t working for me. Give me a tuna sandwich and a bowl of soup or, better yet, a night at a restaurant. And Subway counts as a restaurant in my book.

BarkBox: Our Bugg, Boo, got a bark box from our son years ago and the blue rubber bone is still her favorite toy. She’s still chewing on it 3 years later.  But she really doesn’t need a monthly subscription. I order a box for her about once/yr.

YarnBox: By FAR my favorite subscription EVER but I cancelled it because I now have more yarn in the house than I can knit in the next 5 years. When I reduce my stash I may be tempted to start again.

Subscriptions are fun because just about the time you forget about them, they come in the mail! It’s like Christmas! I honestly don’t remember where I saw/heard about Stitch Fix but one night sitting at my computer I decided to look them up. It sounds like heaven. Fill out a survey, post pictures of clothing you like, get a box in the mail! This means trying on the clothing at home in the privacy of my own bedroom. And I can see how things match the clothing I already have! Send back anything you don’t like. Shipping is free both ways and the $20 “styling fee” is waived if you purchase anything. (Well, it “goes toward” your purchase price, which is the same thing.)

So I signed up for it. I’ve spent at least 2 hours updating my Pinterest page with clothing I like — adding very specific notes. I’ve read about other people’s experiences with Stitch Fix and saw that if you keep everything in the box, you get a discount, so I’m hoping to give my stylist as much info as possible to make that happen. (You also get a discount if someone refers you, so if you plan to try it out, my referral link is at the bottom of the page – thanks!) I’m only signed up for a box every 3 months, hoping that the new pieces will get me through the season changes. Fingers Crossed.

My first box is supposed to arrive next week. I will post the whole experience here: the good, the bad and the hopefully-not-too-ugly.


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