Second Stitch Fix (And we have a winner…!)

I was pretty excited to get my second box from Stitch Fix.  The box was later than I originally scheduled, because I gave feedback that I wear a plus size and hadn’t changed my sizes in the account to reflect that. Kudos to them for catching it and not sending me another box of things that didn’t fit!

This was the style card in the box:


And a quick peek at the items:


First impression: The overall color scheme is great!

BUT before I even got to that, I saw a separate bag that looked like shoes might be in there. I didn’t even pause to take a picture. I pulled them out and squealed! SHOES!!! AND THEY FIT! AND I LOVE THEM!!


I really like these. They’re simple. The color is great and they’re very comfortable. I checked around online and the $59 price tag was comparable with what I found. Considering my $20 style fee goes toward that, I felt it was a bargain. And did I mention they’re comfortable? KEEP!

Like before, I started with the jeans. I was a little nervous about white jeans. It’s not a flattering color for my size. But from the thighs down, they were great:


(Please ignore the construction area floor – and the white spots that seem to be on the jeans are actually on the mirror.)  Unfortunately, these jeans were FAR too big in the waist.


I swear there is no photoshopping here. That is my actual body, and there was about 1.5-2 inches of clearance all the way around the waist. I had to clench my legs together to keep them from falling down on me. These were “boyfriend jeans” and I definitely do not have a boyfriend body.  SENT BACK

Next was a cute little top, in a color that matched the shoes.


Comfortable, colorful, sweet… but looks a bit like a maternity shirt. SENT BACK

This long sleeve black/gray top is light and comfortable. Perfect for work and a nice layer-able item. (Actually, I’ve worn it twice already.)


It looks a bit wrinkled because it was fresh out of the box but I steamed it to wear and it’s great. A quick look at the jeans I’m wearing should tell you why I’m desperate for a new pair. And, of course, I’m in my favorite LLBean slippers. Honestly, I’d live in these 24/7 if I could.

Last was a surprise… this jacket:


I was really torn about this one. I didn’t ask for a raincoat. Don’t need one, either. And the color reminds me of cat yack. (Ewwwww) BUT I love the length and it fits perfectly. It also has a detachable hood and could double as a windbreaker. If it was in a different color, I would’ve been sold. Instead, I reluctantly decided to return it and request a denim jacket instead. If it had been a bit cheaper ($124) or if I was buying everything else and could get the 25% discount for buying all 5 items, I would have kept it. SENT BACK

So, all in all I was happy with this box. I’m still hoping for a great pair of jeans and now I’m hoping for a denim jacket, too.  🙂  In my feedback I asked for a shirt or scarf to match these shoes. A bag would be nice, too. So, yeah, I’m getting another box in a month or so.


Wanna try Stitch Fix? Use this link:

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